Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

“If you are looking for someone to help you train your dog, look no further; Mary Sellaro is paws-down the best professional dog trainer around! In 2007, we had a new puppy that we wanted to grow into a well-mannered dog; I was lucky enough to find Mary at Pete and Mac’s in Lee’s Summit, MO.

In the 13 years since, we have had two dogs train with Mary, completing classes from the very basic to the most advanced. I have always been in awe of Mary’s command and presence with dogs of all kinds, sizes, and behavioral tendencies. Her abilities are unmatched and to top it off, Mary loves what she does and is dedicated to her clients and their dogs. Mary Sellaro has earned my highest recommendation and respect.”

– Sue

“Banks and I have been working with Mary Sellaro for nearly a year and it has been the best experience.  When I initially contacted Mary, Banks was territorial and aggressive towards any unknown person entering or even just walking by the house. Through many sessions and much patience, Banks now lies calmly in the yard when people go by and lies at my feet when we have company.  I am so proud of him & so grateful for the guidance Mary provides.

We also took Mary’s level two obedience class through Pete & Mac’s – Lees Summit; the staff there is friendly and the facility is clean.  Through the additional training, we were able to strengthen his recall and response to stimulation in such a way that he happily and (mostly) politely greets people we encounter out in the world.

I could not have asked for a better outcome than what Banks has achieved after working with Mary.”

Thank you!

– Alysia

“I am very grateful I found Mary!  She came just in time to help me with my high-energy, reactive German Shepherd.  Honestly, she was my last shot before rehoming her.  Mary had the life experience I needed to train me and my pup to become a team. We were a hot mess when we met her, and I was exasperated. 

I was at the end of my rope and felt like I had tried everything.  And then came Mary. 

She was able to help me learn what type of dog I had, lose my accumulated fears, and train me in how to do what we both needed.  Mary downloaded her years of skills into us.  She was my bigger brain in what I couldn’t find on my own.  She helped us both reboot, and it has been worth all the effort. 

Thanks, Mary, for sharing your wealth of dog training with us!  We will be ever grateful!”

– Wendy & Enza 

“Our mini schnauzer, Leo, is a totally different dog since Mary was his trainer! Before we called Mary, Leo was very overprotective of us, aggressive around kiddos, and barked A LOT when we had visitors.

Mary took her time with Leo and provided him with personalized training sessions that gave him the confidence to become a very good boy! Leo is now super mellow when guests come over, loves playing with the little ones in the family, and is a good listener. Mary also gave us the tools we needed to be better owners and trainers for Leo!”

Thank you, Mary!!

– The Kaufmann Family

“As German Shepherd dog lovers for years, we were fortunate to have found Mary Sellaro as our dog trainer in 2006. She’s been with us for three wonderful German shepherds. We trust her implicitly.  Our lives and those of our dogs are better because of her help, her love of dogs, and her ability to train the real parties that need training!  She is amazing with puppies and dogs, and she is excellent at helping people know how to do things better. She has vast experience with many kinds of dogs and people, and her love of what she does shines through.

It doesn’t hurt that she has loved GSDs for a long time as we l! Mary has assisted us with so many things, from puppy class to beginners, intermediate, advanced, canine good citizen class, individualized home training, dog socialization, tricks, working with our dogs that don’t like toenails trimmed, to helping us also socialize out in the world with other dogs and people. And all three of our dogs have adored her!

We highly recommend Mary. She uses the appropriate tools and methods for each dog and their people, and she fully understands one size does not fit all – thank goodness. Our sweet and happy one-year-old shepherd Is in Mary training with us currently.   G is so high energy and so high drive; thankfully, Mary provides the help that we need as we socialize and train our wonderful girl.”

Thank you, Mary,

– T & E

“There are not enough words to describe what Mary has done for us as pet owners. My husband and I adopted a 1 year old poodle/sheepdog mix in February named Jax. We already own one dog and we had been looking to add another dog to our family. When we got Jax home we started noticing that there were some behaviors that weren’t typical for a dog. Jax had a problem with animals that would come on the TV. Every time he would see an animal on tv he would run at our tv stand to try and get to the animals on the tv. Jax also started showing some aggression towards our neighbors and their dogs. When we would let him outside and the neighbors were out he would excessively bark. We tried a number of things we had seen online to try and train him out of it but nothing worked. That’s when we found Mary!

When I called Mary she was so kind and helpful as I tried to explain what was going on with my dog over the phone. We then scheduled a meet and greet so she could meet Jax and get to know us a little better. During this time we talked about Jax in more detail and what we were looking to get out of the training. Mary had great recommendations and was very knowledgeable about how much time she thought it would take to train him. We ended up booking four sessions with her. She started us by working on basic commands to make sure they were in place before she went into more in-depth training. She had so many resources and ideas for us to use. After 4 sessions, we can say that Jax has passed his training. He does not attack the TV like he used to, and will rarely bark at our neighbors or their dog. It has been a complete transformation. Throughout this process, Mary was very flexible in working with us! She had great communication and was very affordable. We really appreciate how much she helped us. She was kind but firm and Jax responded to her immediately.”

“We highly recommend Mary for all of your dog training needs! “

– Savannah, Brandon and Jax

“Working with Mary has been a wonderful experience. Our Samoyed Lily has a wonderful disposition, but as Mary so kindly puts it, a determined personality. Lily came to us as a “reactive” rescue, though not aggressive. She is fine off-leash and loves walks, just not a leash. A large part of our work has been around impulse control- not only our dog Lily’s but mine. Since we began training Lily (and hopefully I) have made great progress. I feel very fortunate to have found Mary and to not only be a recipient of Mary’s years of professional work and but to benefit from her wide range of experience with dogs of all types! I plan to continue because there’s always more to learn and With Lily’s people-loving personality would love for her to be a therapy dog.”

– Kim

“In March 2023, we took in a 2 1/2-year-old male yellow lab. He belonged to the adult son (who sadly passed away unexpectedly) of a friend. My friend is 98, with no way to care for this 75 lb rowdy dog, even though she loved him.

We named him Denver. He was not socialized, very dog/cat aggressive, not neutered, and was not up to date on vet care. He was sweet but had no clue how to channel his energy, and we had no idea how to fix his reactive and aggressive behavior toward other animals. We got him neutered and up to date on vet care. Someone told me about a trainer named Mary Sellaro, so I called her. That was the best phone call I have ever made.
Mary came to our house weekly for three months and had us join her weekly group class for reactive dogs, as well. Basically, she trained us to train Denver. She changed our lives and Denver’s, too. We continue to work with him, and there have been many victories over the past few months. A big win came on October 22 when we (a little nervously) took Denver to Dogtoberfest. There was a big crowd and a lot of dogs. After five minutes, he relaxed and was the perfect gentleman. He greeted dogs and people so nicely and was just a joy to be with.
Both my husband and I give 100% credit to Mary. She taught us what to do and how to do it, and Denver adored her. He changed so much in that three months with Mary, and it was amazing to witness. He is our sweet, loveable dog now. He gets along with our cats and our granddogs. Is he perfect? Not quite, but he’s pretty darn close. With time, patience, love, and Mary’s training method, we will get there! I can never adequately express how grateful we are for Mary Sellaro.”

– John Lazar & Carol Coe